About me

Concert & event photographer

I'm a photographer and videographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to experience live music and go to events. Therefore it was given for me to combine that with photography. My main focus is country music and queer events.

Visa Portfolio



Mimi Werner & Martin Almgren - Biblioteket Live

Emma Svensson - Debaser

Sam Outlaw - Nalen

Tyler Childers - Münchenbryggeriet

Country Got Soul - Nalen


Christmas concert - Norrmalmskyrkan

Sthlm Honkytonk - Bryggarhuset

SFURP - Tap Room

Sylve - Hilma

Julien Keulen - The Blue Oyster

Go Country Live - Hard Rock Cafe

Little Hell Countryfestival - Little Hell Loge

Gotlands Countryfestival - N:A Masters Lummelunda

Hattparad - Mälarpaviljongen

Tennessee Tears releasefest - Hard Rock Cafe

Robin Winther - Kolingen

Emma Svensson - Vassa Eggen

JaKan Cirkus - Teodok

Hampus Hallberg - Kulturhuset